So, what’s Coffeeopolis all about? Simple, I love coffee. It started in college, when coffee was nothing more than a drug I’d use to stay awake and study. Back then, I drank a lot of mochas, eventually moving up to lattes and drip coffee. Before that point, my coffee experience had been seeing my dad scoop Folgers out of a can! I had a lot to learn.

As I learned to like drop coffee more and more, my taste for espresso grew. It wasn’t until several more years when I’d actually begin ordering espresso instead of a cappucino or latte (the mochas reside in my college past, haven’t touched one since). My brewing has also evolved; I’ve tried drip, french press, cold brewing, Turkish coffee, steam driven espresso, pump brewed espresso, and even espresso made on a portable campfire contraption (a review of that to be posted soon). These days, almost all I drink is espresso and cappucinos; my drip maker sits in a closet most of the time.

I’ve also begun improving the quality of the beans, by roasting my own coffee. I started out with a ‘whirly-pop’ design, and now use a programmable, multi stage air roaster (iRoast2). The quality is just so much better, and I love the fact that I get this better coffee for less than the cost of the premium beans I’d be buying otherwise (such as Peet’s).

Lastly, I’ve even begun growing my own coffee plants. My star plant is around three feet tall; no coffee cherries yet but my dream is to one day have a complete cycle, growing, processing, roasting, and brewing my own coffee beans.

This website is partly my way of sharing the love of this hobby with others, but also partly a way to archive the various websites and other information that I find over the years. Using the search feature, I can dig up the past quite easily here.