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Frappy Hour is back!

starbucks-frappuccinoStarbucks is once again doing ‘Frappy Hour’, starting this Friday (May 3rd) and running through May 12th. Stop by between 3:00 and 5:00PM to get any Frappuccino blended concoction for 50% off. More info here.
(via SpringsBargains)

Starbucks unveils $1 reusable coffee cup

starbucks-cupStarbucks is offering a reusable $1 coffee cup, and giving people a $.10 discount whenever you use it. At that level, the break-even point is pretty attractive…this just might catch on. You also get that $.10 discount with any other reusable cup or tumbler.

Free coffee at Starbucks 7/4

Today only, Starbucks is giving away a free tall size cup of drip coffee to anyone who stops by!

Starbucks buys US-made mugs

With all the pressure to build products overseas to save a few pennies, it’s nice to see corporate giants like Starbucks buy US-made products now and then instead. They’re credited with basically keeping American Mug and Stein in Ohio open, with a recent 20,000 mug order for Starbucks. Way to go!
(via The Consumerist)

Half price frappuccinos May 4-13

Starbucks is bringing back their ‘Frappuccino Happy Hour’, with half price Frappuccinos from 3-5PM May 4-13th.

Starbucks coffee for $3.99 at Target

The website SpringsBargains has a somewhat complex method of getting 20oz bags of Starbucks coffee for only $3.99 at Target. It really just involves a couple steps, and you can’t beat that price, so check it out if that’s what you like to drink.

$10 Starbucks card for $5

Expect this offer to go fast! $5 gets you a $10 Starbucks card from Google Offers. Availability is limited so act fast, click here.

Coffee as a weight loss drug?

Can coffee help you lose weight? Sounds ridiculous, I know, but a recent study suggests that an extract of unroasted coffee beans can do just that. The hypothesis is that the acid in this extract helps reduce the absorption of glucose. It’ll be interesting to see if further studies confirm this, and also whether this becomes the latest weight loss trend…you can already buy this extract in health food stores, and Starbucks is going to be marketing an energy drink, Starbucks Refreshers, that contains this.

The Scale of Starbucks

File this one under ‘more than I ever wanted to know about Starbucks.’ They may be widely credited with popularizing the gourmet coffee industry, but I still believe their product is just ‘good’ and better coffee can be found at specialty, mom and pop shops. Of course, despite their 16,000+ locations and more than 137,000 employees, there are still around twice as many McDonald’s on this planet, so they have a ways to go. More facts below.
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Half price drinks at Starbucks

From now through Wednesday, 3/14, if you buy a full priced espresso drink before 11:00AM and bring your receipt back after 2:00PM that same day, you can get half off any espresso beverage. Not a fantastic deal, but if you’re going to be doing this anyway you might as well save a couple bucks. Details can be found over at Starbucks’ website.