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Impressive Coffee Art

tumblr_mkr37g7OB71rouu6no1_500Barista/artist Mike Breach makes some really cool coffee art, essentially ‘painting’ in the foam using the different foam colors produced when steamed milk is poured into espresso. It kinda takes the whole latte art concept to a new level; check out the video below or see pictures of his work at tumblr.

(via mashable)

World’s largest coffee bean mosaic

Check out this impressive work of art from Russian artist Arkady Kim…it’s a gigantic, 30 square meter mosaic composed entirely of coffee beans (around a million of them!). Impressive work…more pictures in the gallery below.
(via amusingplanet)

Using coffee in design

Design Raul Lauri has created a collection of lamps and tableware made from heat and pressure treated coffee grounds, a collection he’s calling DECAFÉ. No word yet on whether this will make it to market or is destined to remain a design exercise, but you can check out more examples of this over at Core77.

Coffee Cup Ring…art?

Coffee drinkers quickly learn to use coasters, lest their desks be covered in brown circles left behind when the smallest amount of coffee spills out of the cup. It’s a fact of life but one you get used to, and just dismiss as a mess to clean up. Unless you’re Malaysian artist Hong Yi, that is. She used many, many, MANY coffee cup rings to create a portrait of Jay Chou (a Taiwanese musician). The result is fantastic, even more so when you consider the method used! Check out the video below.