Nomad portable espresso machine

A new lever-based espresso machine called the Nomad is attempting to launch over at Kickstarter. It’s designed to be portable and easy to use, and the video seems to back up that claim. Seems simple enough…the one feature that I noticed right away was the pressure gauge on the top surface, a very nice feature that I haven’t seen in all lever based systems. Price for early adopters is $165. Check out the video below.

Elephant poop coffee

So here’s one of those things that I thought (and hoped) was a joke, but it seems to be legit. Capitalizing on the high prices of Kopi Luwak coffee, and the massive sizes of elephants’ guys, entrepreneurs in Thailand have put a herd of twenty elephants to work eating and pooping coffee beans to subtly alter its flavor (after it’s been pooped, collected, and washed of course). Or to put it another way, to charge incredible amounts of money due to the scarcity of elephant poop coffee. Yes, I’m more than a bit skeptical of the value of this…there are so many great coffee beans to be found for less than $50 per pound, I just don’t see the value in paying around $500 (yes, five HUNDRED) dollars a pound for coffee beans that have traveled through the intestinal tract of an elephant in Thailand.

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Edible espresso cup

Designer Enrique Luis Sardi has crafted this edible espresso cup for the Italian coffee company Lavazza. With a cookie outside and frosted inside (to make it watertight, and also sweeten the espresso), may seem like a fanciful concept that will never make it out of the laboratory, but it’ll actually be hitting the market in Europe. Given the US’ love of drip coffee and mega-sized espresso drinks, I doubt we’ll see this on our shores anytime soon (really, when’s the last time you saw someone order an espresso at your local Starbucks?). Kinda cool though.
(via Smartplanet)