Coffee Recipes

I’ll add more soon, for now here’s one of the coffee drinks that got me started with espresso:

Cafe Borgia
2 cups strong Italian coffee
2 cups hot chocolate
whipped cream
grated orange peel (garnish)

1. Mix coffee and hot chocolate
2. Pour into mugs
3. Top with whipped cream and orange peel

Brewed – traditional American-style coffee, percolated, steeped, dripped, or pressed.
Espresso – pressure-brewed one cup at a time through 2oz of ultra-fine grounds.
Cappuccino – espresso, hot milk & froth in equal parts (sometimes sugar added).
Caffe Latte – espresso, hot milk & froth (milk in greater proportion than coffee).
Caffe Mocha – espresso, chocolate & hot milk in equal parts (sometimes whipped cream on top).
Caf̩ au Lait (or Caf̩ con Leche) Рbrewed coffee & warmed or steamed milk (milk in greater proportion than coffee).
Demitasse – a small cup the size of a single espresso drink.
Mocha Latte – espresso, chocolate, hot milk & froth in equal parts.
Lungo – normal espresso, but with 4oz of grounds (called an extended espresso).
Double – double water and double grounds – two drinks-worth in one cup.
Con Panna – espresso with dollop of whipped cream.
Espresso Macchiato – espresso with a “stain” of milk and topped with milk foam.
Latte Macchiato – milk with a “stain” of espresso.
Espresso Granita – espresso frozen, then crushed & topped with whipped cream.
Granita Latte – espresso, milk & sugar; stirred and frozen, then crushed & topped with whipped cream. *
Rule of Thumb – “Café” drinks are generally American-style brewed drinks, while “Caffe” drinks are espresso-based.
Bicerin – Equal parts espresso, warmed dark chocolate, and heavy cream.
Flat White – Like a latte, but no foam.
Cafe Breve – Like a latte, but with steamed half and half instead of steamed milk.
Americano – Espresso, with hot water added.