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Best time of day to drink coffee?

besttime4coffee2-i3coffee-jpIn the mornings, your body is already doing its thing to wake you up…and because of that, the caffeine in coffee isn’t really needed then. It’s best to wait until your body hits its natural lows, which are in the late morning and early afternoon, as this infographic shows. You can read more about the logic behind this idea over at

Coffee and Alzheimers

Another study is indicating that coffee consumption can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s. However, it’s not for the casual coffee drinker. Researchers found that people who drank around three cups of coffee a day had a better chance at avoiding or at least delaying the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. While the study was tracking caffeine levels as their correlation, previous studies have shown that caffeine alone does not provide these benefits…so it just goes to show how little we understand about what’s really going on here, and how more study is needed.

Still, I’m happy with any study that indicates that coffee consumption can be good for me! 🙂

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Coffee as a weight loss drug?

Can coffee help you lose weight? Sounds ridiculous, I know, but a recent study suggests that an extract of unroasted coffee beans can do just that. The hypothesis is that the acid in this extract helps reduce the absorption of glucose. It’ll be interesting to see if further studies confirm this, and also whether this becomes the latest weight loss trend…you can already buy this extract in health food stores, and Starbucks is going to be marketing an energy drink, Starbucks Refreshers, that contains this.

How much caffeine is in your drink?

I like this infographic…it provides a quick, visual reference for relative caffeine levels in different drinks. Most interestingly, note how low down on the caffeine scale espresso is compared to a tall cup of drip coffee from Starbucks! I don’t feel so bad about drinking four double shots a day now. 😉 Anyway, click through for the full image.
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Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Regular Coffeeopolis readers know I’m fascinated by the health effects of coffee, and lately stumbled upon a cool infographic that talks about both coffee and tea health benefits. Much of it I already knew, but some of it was new…such as, did you know that adding milk may stop the benefits tea has against cancer? Check out the full graphic for yourself after the link here.
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Coffee clothing

The idea of coffee clothing may sound a bit ridiculous, but hold on a second here, there might be something to this. A company called Virus Action Sport Performance has recycled spent coffee beans, processing them into fibers that are used to produce a warm base layer for cold weather activities. You do still need a wind break layer on top, but as long as you’re using these as a true base layer and not solo, you can expect them to provide around a 10 degree boost, according to the manufacturer. With the ski season almost over, I might have to wait until next winter to give them a try. You can find them at this link.