I’ve just returned from a California vacation, which included, naturally, a few days inside Disneyland. I found the coffee options pretty poor and figured I’d share some tips here for coffee travelers.
We stayed in the Paradise Pier hotel, and while it featured in-room coffee, it was really typical hotel room coffee, which is to say, pretty poor. If you’re traveling light, pack some Starbucks Via instant coffee and use the hotel room coffeemaker to make hot water. Or if you’re checking bags on the plane, bring an Aeropress and some pre-ground coffee!
Inside Disneyland, there are a number of coffee carts scattered around that offer up acceptable cappucino, though they’re not as plentiful as I’d like so if you have a slight craving for coffee and see one of those carts, jump at the opportunity, you might not see another for a while.
I usually experience better coffee in fixed cafe establishments rather than coffee carts, so when I saw the Market House shop on main street advertised that and had what at first glance appeared to be a coffee bar (with a long line), I grew excited…could this be, could there be good espresso in Disneyland? Alas, quite the opposite. No espresso on the menu and as I read closer, the cappucino was flavored! I asked the man behind the counter if they had just normal cappucino, not flavored, and he said no, it comes – get this – as a powder! I quickly left and popped an ibuprofen to keep the headache at bay. There’s a bakery on Main Street that was boarded up and under construction, so maybe once that reopens there’ll be good coffee to be found.
At the neighboring California Adventure, I enjoyed a decent espresso and some tiramisu at the Wine Country Trattoria.
So there you have it!