I’ve long been an avid home roaster, with my latest machine being a Hottop from Sweet Maria’s. Problem is, it broke. šŸ™ That’s the bad news. The motor just can’t drive the drum anymore, and it makes a clicking sound that suggest a broken gear tooth. The good news is that it was still under warranty, and Hottop’s customer service has been great. While I could have sent the roaster in for repair, they offered to send me the motor immediately and let me swap it out. While some people may not prefer that option, it saved me the hassle and expense of shipping the roaster in for repair. Very nice of them to do that. The new motor is now installed, I just need to reattach all the various panels and test it out. I can’t wait to be enjoying fresh roasted coffee again…having to buy preroasted beans has just helped remind me of how much better freshly roasted coffee is!