A European study suggests that moderate coffee intake (3-5 cups a day) may reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia by 60-65%. As is typical in long-term studies like these, it’s difficult to reach any definite conclusions without locking up the test subjects in a box for a few decades to rule out any other external influences. However, the hypothesis behind this is plausible, that the antioxidants in coffee are what provides the benefit. You can read more here.

A previous study (read it here) found a similar link between caffeine and dementia, with a different hypothesis behind it, looking at how caffeine can block some of the bad effects of high cholesterol.

Of course, this news comes shortly after another report found that drinking three cups of brewed coffee increases one’s risk of hallucinations!

So, in conclusion, coffee might be good for you, but hopefully you’re drinking it because you enjoy it.