In this era of corporate greed, something as simple as the name of a coffee is squeezed to maximize profits. In this case, the debate is over what can and can’t be labeled ‘Kona Coffee’. While the average consumer may rightfully assume that Kona Coffee was grown in Kona, Hawaii, the reality is that, in an effort to make more money, many larger companies try to get more sales by mixing a small amount of Kona coffee beans with less expensive varieties and labeling the concoction a ‘Kona Blend’. An inattentive consumer may think they’re getting a great deal on Kona Coffee, and will end up disappointed. The debate is currently over exactly how much Kona Coffee needs to be in the bag to qualify as a ‘Kona Blend’. Currently, state law requires only 10% authentic Kona, which is so ridiculously low as to be insulting to coffee drinkers everywhere. It’s an ongoing story, so next time you’re considering buying some Kona, be sure to very carefully investigate its true origin and be sure you know exactly how much of the ‘good stuff’ is in there. (via The Star Bulletin)