espro aluminum espresso tamperThis beautiful espresso tamper hides a secret behind its good looks. It has a mechanism inside that operates much like an automotive torque wrench. When a load of 30lbs has been applied, a clutch yields and an audible ‘click’ is heard, providing plenty of notice to the user that the proper force has been applied to the espresso in the portafilter. It’s a great way to learn exactly how much force is needed; eventually one would then be fine switching back to a solid tamper, though there’s really no reason not to continue using the Espro Tamper as it’s designed to last virtually forever (they claim over a million cycles). I’ve found it to work exactly as advertised, and has a nice, solid, high quality feel to it. It’s available in other colors; you can find out more and find where to buy it at the Espro website.