By Matter of Taste barista Kimberly Staveley:

Matter of Taste barista Kimberly Staveley was inspired by anise-flavoured Sambuca for this espresso con panna (espresso with cream). She uses whole anise, cardamom and ginger from Spice of India (262 King St. E., Kitchener). You could substitute a pinch each of ground cardamom and ground ginger.

1 tsp anise seeds

2 cardamom seeds

Tiny piece dried whole ginger

250 mL carton whipping cream (1 cup)

2 oz vanilla syrup

1 tsp finely grated bittersweet chocolate

1 shot hot brewed espresso

3-inch cinnamon stick

In mortar and pestle, grind anise, cardamom and ginger into powder. Reserve large pinch.

In chilled bowl, whip cream using electric mixer. Stir in remaining anise mixture and syrup. (Alternately place cream, anise mixture and syrup in cream whipper. Process as per equipment instructions.) You will have extra.

To demitasse (2- to 3-ounce cup), add 1 tablespoon infused whipping cream. Add reserved pinch anise mixture. Sprinkle with chocolate. Pour espresso over. Serve with cinnamon stick. Stir well before drinking.

Makes 1.

(via The Toronto Star)