17_roastingplant_lgs.jpgThe Roasting Plant, a new cafe in New York, has taken coffee roasting to the next stage – roasting on demand, allowing customers to even request their own custom blend of beans. Their automated roasting machines also help ensure freshness, being able to roast whatever is needed, whenever it’s needed. I do wonder how the results are, for I’ve always been a believer of human interaction with the roast – you can’t just set time and temperature, for the ambient temperature and humidity can affect the roast, as can the specific batch of green beans you’re roast. Still, it’s entirely possible that The Roasting Plant’s machines can take this into account. Having truly fresh roasted coffee really DOES make a huge difference in my experience. It’s certainly worth trying. If any of you are near their shop at 81 Orchard Street in New York, stop on in and report back here with what you think! (via CoolHunting)