33-552th.jpgWith the weather getting better (in most parts of the country, at least), attention is turning to the outdoors, and many are planning gardening projects. I figure it’s a good time to remind people of how great coffee grounds can be for your garden. It’s a great way to put them to use one final time after extracting all the flavorful goodness from them. When I was a kid, my parents would dump them into the rose garden outside the kitchen, with fantastic results. Me, I’ve been using a ceramic compost container from Gardener’s Supply (pictured here) to store them in. Works better as I make 2-3 espressos a day, don’t really want to be heading outside that often just to dump out the portafilter! It looks nice, has vent holes to help the grounds dry out, and is easily washable. At $30 it’s not cheap, but I feel better knowing that I’m helping to put the grounds to good use rather than just throwing them away.