So, why roast your own coffee, you ask? The reasons are plentiful. You get the freshest coffee possible (which makes a HUGE difference, believe me), complete control over the roasting process and exactly how long the beans are roasted (allowing you to fine tune the roast for your personal tastes), and the added bonus of actually saving money! Yes, unroasted (green) beans cost around five dollars a pound, and once roasted, are comparable to the best beans you’ll find anywhere else. Well, assuming you did a good job of roasting them, that is. There ARE times when mistakes happen, and the result is a mess of shiny pitch black beans that are undrinkable. Mistakes are rare though; usually an error results in a coffee that just isn’t quite as good as you’d like.

Anyway, back to the point, there’s yet another home coffee roasting writeup over at Squidoo that’s worth checking out.

(Via LifeHacker.)