The island of Kauai draws many for its lush green landscapes (it’s where Jurassic Park, King Kong, and many other movies were partially filmed) and relatively low crowds. It drew me for its coffee. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but high on my itinerary of things to do was to visit the Kauai Coffee Company. Being a fan of roasting coffee at home, I knew I could stop by and pick up some fresh, green Kauai coffee beans as the perfect souvenir. Or so I thought. The first time we stopped by, they had none available. At their recommendation, we came back a few days later, and this time they were able to go bag some up for me (they didn’t have any on display in the retail shop). So, I got my green coffee beans! The resulting roast was enjoyable, not really all that distinctive, at least not like Kona, but a very good coffee at a good green bean price.

Even if you’re not into roasting coffee, the Kauai Coffee Company is worth a stop (see their website for directions). Surrounding the visitor’s center are acres and acres of mature coffee plants; it was impressive seeing these towering giants loaded with coffee cherries! The visitors center itself had a nicely stocked gift shop with t-shirts, postcards, etc. Oh, and plenty of roasted coffee beans, of course! My favorite feature though was the free coffee tasting set up in the back. They had maybe a dozen or so pumper pots full of freshly brewed coffee in all their different varieties. If it hadn’t been such a hot day when we were visiting, I would have stayed there all day! As it is, drinking hot coffee on a hot day isn’t something you really want to do long. šŸ˜‰

If you’re vacation in Kauai, it’s definitely worth a stop!