jukedock_gal_frontt.jpgI know this is totally off topic, but I had to let you know about a new iPod dock from Pressure Drop called the JukeDock. It fits any iPod with a dock connector and has an adjustable back stop to fit the different sizes – mine works great with my iPod Mini and my iPod Nano. It has a USB connection to your computer, and of course audio and video outputs. The lights can be put into a few different modes; there’s a jukebox-like light cycling mode, a steady illumination, the pulse-to-the-music ‘party’ mode, and my favorite, one where it slowly cycles through all of the colors (the speed of the cycling is adjustable). Lastly, you can program it to work with just about any remote control to control all the functions of your iPod. It’s available now from Pressure Drop for $99. (read more at PlayListMag, Gizmodo, or iLounge).