My wife and I just returned from a short vacation in Las Vegas. We hadn’t been there in a few years, and I was really surprised by the proliferation of Starbucks. From all appearances, they’ve taken replaced all the existing coffee shops, maybe even added a few. Luxor had *two*, for example! I never did get a chance to get an espresso at anywhere BUT Starbucks. Now, this may not be a bad thing if the quality weren’t so incredibly awful. The biggest problem as the service; out of four Starbucks drinks I ordered there, the only one that was done right was the one in the airport. First, there was the experience ordering a short cappucino, an off-menu drink that I much prefer to the tall. The cashier was clueless. Rang me up for a tall cappucino, I then asked why a short cappucino is the same price as a tall (it never is), and was informed that they don’t have that size (grr). Happened in two different Starbucks. My other favorite drink is an espresso machiatto. So, I ordered one at the Starbucks in the Monte Carlo casino. “Doppio Espresso Machiato, please”. The cashier responded “a what?”; I repeated myself, as did he, a few times. He got the ‘espresso machiatto’, and repeated that back to me. “A doppio”, I said. “A what?” “Doppio.” “What?” “Doppio, a double.” To which this clerk responded, “Oh, I don’t speak that Italian stuff.” My response: “But it’s printed on the menu right behind you!!!” Sad. I went through the same ordeal trying to get the same drink at the Luxor Starbucks. The guy finally rang me up for one, though I noticed the amount was for a solo (single) and he never told the barrista to make it a doppio. I asked the guy if he got that it’s a double, he said of course, and told the barrista to make sure it’s a double. The result was weak, I think they just did a long shot instead of a double. The whole experience really soured me on Starbucks; it’s bad enough that they’ve displaced all the other coffee shops that used to be there (such as the one in Excalibur), but it’s even worse when the quality just plain SUCKS.