I dug out my coffee roaster, a gift from several years ago that was gathering dust as I explored the wonderful coffee offerings of Peet’s Coffee. Fond memories of the fantastic aroma of roasting coffee led me to order several pounds of green beens from Sweet Maria’s. The website, though of a dated style and layout, was easy to use and the buying experience was excellent. The beans arrived promoptly, well packed. Oh, the aroma! I had forgotten the sharp scent of green beans, itself intoxicating. It wasn’t to last, though. I quickly dropped some into my trusty Whirley-Pop and began roasting. Noticing the second pop was a little difficult, so after about ten minutes I stopped the roast and admired the results. Beautiful. The next morning, I enjoyed what was undoubtedly one of the best cappucinos I had drank in many, many years. This was produced on an old, $100 DeLonghi espresso machine no less! Simply amazing results, to get coffee that good out of an old low end machine like that. The next batch I roasted, Sumatra, turned out good, but was comparable to what I’d buy at Peet’s (though the cost savings was nice!). I think I overroasted it though; the first pop came late, and the second never really did. I ended up with a very dark, Italian roast. tastes good, but didn’t make as good espresso as the first batch (an espresso blend from Sweet Marias).